Thaurfin ltd history Thaurfin Ltd. was founded on July 18, 2012 as part of a real estate project in Lubumbashi initiated by the founders of Thaurfin Ltd. The website made in 2010 is published on (previously the domain name was rent) This real estate project was initiated by our company Genimin Congo ( ) in Lubumbashi, subsidiary of the Belgian company genimin ( ) both dissolved. The project proposed to the bank : On the 7th of July 2010, the Governor Moïse Katumbi signed the official land document on 1050ha ( ) for which Genimin-Congo had customary rights signed in 2006 with the great customary chief Shindayka On December 15, 2010, Geniland was founded by Pol Huart and other Congolese associates ( ) December 28, 2010 Geniland General Assembly integrates new partners ( ) On the 29th of march 2011, we signed the pre-agreement with Renaissance Capital in Brussel ( ) On the 14th of April 2011 the land’s right was transferred from Genimin-Congp to Geniland ( ) On the I met the Governor Moïse Katumbu Chapwe, he signed the land document for 1100ha ( ) On May 13, 2011, the partnership agreements were signed with Renaissance Capital in Brussel on the concessions represented on this document ( ) 1000ha considered as an optional land on which the customary rights had been obtained, according to the signed contracts, this contribution would be paid 2M$ in the event that Renaissance Capital would accept this ground as it’s written on the page 14 of the relationship and shareholder agreement share ( ) On the 11th of July 2012, the customary chief of Kiswishi village signs land document for new surfaces In July 2012, Thaurfin ltd is created to host the participation of the project's founders, Ir Pol Huart and Francisca IONESCU Finally, I obtained the emphyteusis on the ground in option (1000ha) and on 1740 complementary ha ( - ) In 2012, the management of Renaissance Partner was changed, the entire team ( ) was fired and replaced by another who wanted to save money. The other partners arranged with Renaissance Capital to exchange the forced departure of the project leader against the abandonment of the $ 2 million of the optional land that was incorporated into the project which is published on We left the project in June 2014 by selling our shares and after having been defended by the Belgian law firm ALTIUS. After a mission to Kinshasa in January 2013, Ir Pol Huart agrees to work as a consultant of the Congolese mining company JEKA sprl according to a contract for participation in the results. The money collected by the sell of Thaurfin shares was invested in this new project from July 2014. We kept Thaurfin ltd to participate in this project. We could not imagine it taking so much time and energy. Thaurfin has had no activity since 2012. Since the departure of the founder of this development project in Katanga, no development has been carried out there as shown by Google Earth with these boundaries of land perimeters to be imported into Google Earth or on these pictures on geniland-now